21 August 2015


As I write, The Donald is speaking in my home state.  He has a big crowd, the biggest yet in this upcoming Presidential election.  One of our Alabama U.S. Senators has endorsed him (a man I am not enamored of).  Just goes to show you, in this country anything can happen.  Talk like an 8th grade boy, and everybody loves you!  He supposedly is incredibly smart. I guess we will see...  Can you believe all those people sat outside in the heat and humidity for this?  I am sitting in A/C, and I am still hot.  I guess I will remember this next Winter when it is freezing and I can hardly move.  But first, there is Hurricane Danny out there in the Atlantic which may become a force to be reckoned with and take the focus off The Donald.

In other news, thank you to each every one of you who tried to help me with Instagram.  I may just delete the stupid thing and forget about it. The only reason I was trying to make it work was to "keep up" -- and then I think, "keep up with what?"  Who cares?

Two of our brave Marines today prevented a massacre on a train from Amsterdam to Paris.  That makes me proud.  Semper Fi!

This past week we joined the YMCA.  So far, so good.  I have already  been sleeping better.  I am not sore, but Sweet Husband is.  Of course, he pushes himself to extremes.  I am much lazier.

Have a loverly weekend!


  1. So far I have not paid any attention at all to the Donald. I'm just glad there was a story of heroism, otherwise he would've been in a non-stop loop. Congrats on your Y membership. My husband keeps wanting me to go (with him), but I don't really want to. He has free silver sneakers membership, but won't go without me (so far). A lot of my neck issues started there, overdoing sit-ups and barre class overhead lifting (even with a measly 9#), so I do not wish to do that again. Maybe Zumba...someday. I don't do IG or I would've tried to help you. Glad you had others offer.

  2. The current political scene is fascinating to me...it's like an extreme social experiment, and quite wacky entertainment. I was glad that for once the headline news about Alabama was not about race. I have no clue about Instagram, but I did the same thing with Twitter a few years ago. At first I was frustrated but then I realized, why do I want to waste time with random tweets all day long? Time would be better spent reading a book or cleaning my baseboards! Ha! I'm so proud of your new fitness goals Ellen, I know there will be great stories coming up! I hadn't heard about the Marines, maybe the French will like us better now -

  3. I am embarrassed to say that I also have a free membership for Silver Sneakers and I never go either.
    Well the Donald has surly been shaken things up , hasn't he. Time will tell.
    Thank God for our Marines
    Have a great week. Not looking forward to this week as it is going to get HOT again. I will do a happy dance when Fall comes and we have RAIN.

  4. I don't have a "smart" phone, so for me it is a moot point.

  5. So encouraging that you can now go to the Y! I didn't comment on Instagram b/c I would have been of no assistance. I have never used it. I guess I am officially old. I can't imagine the Donald representing our country to the world. It think he would only confirm their opinion of brash Americans

  6. The Donald is shaking things up! I hate politics....My husband is glued to Fox News all the time. I hate when they all talk at the same time. sorry you didn't get instagram figured out. Let's hope your Sunday was enjoyable.

  7. Pardon the slightly salty language, but my take on this, as I Tweeted last week, is: "Regardless of your #politics, the one thing on which surely we can all agree is that this next election will top the list in #batshit #crazy ;)"


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