23 August 2015


A little followup to yesterday's post:  the American heroes on that train in France were not Marines after all, but two are American soldiers.  And -- there were more than two.  There were three buddies since childhood from America just taking a vacation together, and the fourth was a Brit and quite a bit older than these young guys.  He waded into the fray anyway.  First reports are not always reliable.  I am still proud of them whether they are Marines or not, aren't you?

Thanks again to all the voices who joined the chorus to help out with my silly Instagram conundrum.  I just deleted it off the computer where I never really looked at it.  It seems to work fine on the iPad, and that is OK to entertain myself with on a long ride somewhere.  I don't really need to post anything in the first place, and I could't ever figure out how to post anything except a photo made with the app itself.  The iPhone screen is so small that I can't see it very well anyway, so it is not terribly helpful.  Of all my little electronic toys, I like my iPad the best except when it comes to blogging.  However, I did figure out how to make that work in a pinch.

This was last week when we got caught in a downpour at lunch.

We are supposed to get lots of rain this week, and temps will be like early Fall -- pretty much unheard of in Alabama in August.  I could feel it today, and leaves have been dropping here and there for a couple of weeks.  The weather is so weird now, isn't it?    
Go check out Jenna's post at The Painted Apron where she has featured some fantastical luxury closets.  Somehow I got in there, too, with my little Boho bath.  I am scheming to get Sweet Husband to let me add a sunroom onto the back of the house to be used as a dedicated art space.  Keep the good thoughts for me, because I already have it all planned!  Now I just need to fall into that tub of butter...


  1. I did see on the news that there were 4 all together. Doesn't matter, what they are, they were awesome! Well, you can always explain how much less expensive a sunroom/art studio would be compared to the beach house :) Dianne

  2. The weather is getting cooler...I had windows and doors open most of the day. I heard winter is supposed to be very harsh this year...wonder if it is starting early or if this is just a freak cool period.
    You have your hubby wrapped around your little finger, so you will get your all season sun room soon! Get those plans done and leave them laying around as a hint...
    Have a great week, Ellen.

  3. The idea of a dedicated room for art would be fabulous. Lots of windows, storage . . . it sounds like a dream.
    Love the story about heroes. I'm so sick of evil, mean people.

  4. Remind him that he has a man cave upstairs so you need a woman cave!! Thanks for the shout out Ellen, it was fun putting a bunch of crazy happy things together~you are definitely the queen of that! It's still hot as blazes on the coast, but I'm heading to the Ham on Wed. so I hope to experience a fall breeze! Good luck on your art space :)


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