03 August 2015


No, not the weather this time.  I am talking hot, as in hot peppers.

My son the Film Maker
(Brendan Davis)
My son has been working for months now on editing a documentary which the film maker shot all over the world, the subject being hot peppers and the people who make the sauces we all love from them.

Everyone is nuts over Sriracha these days -- we are certainly never without that ubiquitous squeeze bottle in our fridge.  Of course, there is also the old standby no household can get along without, Tabasco, from Avery Island, Louisiana.  Even a little bit of either gives that certain something to a dish that you can't quite put your finger on.  You just know that it is good, and there is a bit of a kick you cannot ascribe.  

For your viewing pleasure, 

following is the link to the trailer for this film which will be shown this Fall in film festivals around the country.  They have big plans for all that spectacular footage beyond that, too.

The link:  http://crazyhotthefilm.com/trailer/ 

I hope you all enjoyed this fun movie trailer this lovely Monday, so now go shake a little Tabasco on your eggs!  Or your hamburger!  Live a little!


  1. That was FUN! In the beginning I was in awe of those who handled them without gloves. At the end, I was shocked with that woman, lol. Good work, and best wishes to your son for much success.

  2. Okay - the trailer served it's purpose expertly, because before I watched it, I didn't really think there was much to say about peppers, (although I swear on my granny's grave I have a small jar of Tabasco sitting on my desk next to me while I type this, but along the Gulf Coast close to New Orleans, that's normal) but now, I'm intrigued and amazed there's a whole world of peppers I don't know about. Make sure to let us know when it comes out, and of course, I'm forwarding this to my two wanna-be young film maker sons! Congratulations to your darling!

  3. Two staples in our fridge too. Thanks for the link. Congratulations to your handsome, talented son.

  4. Thanks for sharing the trailer, Mom, and Happy Birthday again! Thanks also to her friends here for watching / commenting. When we have another trailer and more information, I will pass it along. :)

  5. That was fun! Enjoyed! I am looking forward to seeing more. Yes, Tabasco is a staple here as well.

    I am catching up again. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday!

  6. I loved "meeting" your son Ellen!! How exciting to travel the world filming food and cultures! Hot peppers are definitely the rage now, and I can't believe the pain some of the pepper eaters put themselves through!! I am sending the link to my son he will love it, and I'm sure send it to all his buddies, great looking film! I wonder will it be at Bham's Sidewalk Film Fest?


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