26 August 2015


Has everyone seen the cute little  "She Sheds" yet?  Go check out Finding Silver Pennies and The Apron blog at Home Depot.  Be sure to look these over if you have been trying to find a little space just for you, where you don't have to let in your husband or kids.  Maybe the dog, but that's it.  It is basically a garden shed transformed into your happy alone place.

The concept is wonderful.  However, I don't see any A/C,  lighting or even insulation. Here in Alabama, we would need A/C, a ceiling fan, more windows, insulated walls, and I would need  more square footage, too.  I want to use whatever I decide on as an art space, and I need various things in there like a big work table, my drawing table, my easel, my little yellow wicker desk and the green wicker cabinet for supplies.  I also want to put in a some chairs for chilling out around the table, or maybe that little turquoise wicker set.  Maybe I will move the wine fridge in there, too, while I am dreaming?

Our forest is coming along

Certainly this shed thing is a more affordable option than a sunroom or a stick-built addition to the back of the house.   While this one is certainly cute, (and they do come in larger sizes) I am still weighing all my options.  I don't really think this is it.  At least not for me.

The screen porch from the outside -- my happy place.

I need more square footage and light, but there is not much room back here:

Whatever it might be would have to go here where I am standing.  The stepping stone path could be moved over toward the roses alongside the other stones, and the  shrubbery  to the right which you can't really see would go away so that it could abut the back of the house.  So -- we will see what, if anything, shakes out. Keep your fingers crossed!

Screen shot from Born to Dance movie

On another track altogether, check this out about a movie my son co-produced in New Zealand.  It has made it into the Toronto Film Festival, and that is one of the top festivals in the world!  Exciting, yes?   Here is a link for the trailer, too, and also for the newest one on U-tube.  This is going to appeal to our more flexible hipper younger readers, obviously.  After a few sessions at the Y this past week, I have developed a new respect for a limber body as I creak my way through the classes!


  1. oh my your garden is looking wonderful!!!! what a retreat!

  2. HI Ellen! Oh, congratulations to your son! That is so exciting! I know you're a proud mama. Now I would love for you to get one of the little she sheds. I've not seen or heard of them before but I sure like the concept! Yours would look just wonderful and full of color I know! Hope all is well.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Good luck to your son! Hope his film does well.

    One of those sheds would do for times when I want to do nothing but read or snooze in the hammock. But for work space, I need the 2000 sf I have already, and overflowing. Too bad not much work gets done there now I'm getting creaky, too. We might as well face it, we;re not getting any younger or more limber. I always wondered how Jack LaLane did it!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations to your son! I hope his film wins an award. Haven't watched the trailer as yet, but will.
    I love the idea of a she shed. Visiting Mary's @ Home is Where the Boat Is always makes me long for one of my own.
    We don't have a spot for one unless I were to put it in the wooded area on our lower lot. That would be inconvenient so I'd probably never use it. So I'll just dream about having one. '-)
    Hope your dream comes true!

  5. The film looks interesting - and yes, younger, 'hipper" people will certainly love it. I always chuckle when I see dancers acting "tough" because I think of all the hours they spent in dance class, which doesn't have such a tough image. It's like mean piano playing!

    As for the shed, you've given me an idea . . . put the men in the shed, and I'll stay in the nice cool house with the wine!

  6. That's so great about your son. I watched the clip and it sure is what is popular right now. How he does well at the festival!So exciting.

  7. I have seen the she-sheds and I am with you. In the South we absolutely need A/C! Your son's movie looks intense. Dianne

  8. I can see your wheels turning Ellen! I have great faith that we will see a "She Space" at your house soon! Love the she sheds, but I'm with you, I would need all the creature comforts and a bug man, and definitely the wine frig! Your son leads a wild and crazy life, let me know when you master these dance moves now that you are so limber :)

    1. Definitely the bug man, I forgot that one! ;>D

  9. I like your idea and I love these shots of your back yard. We went through hell getting the deck and pergola approved. I don't see a she shed in my future.
    Enjoyed catching up again! I think I have four photos on Instagram. I can only use my ipad for that. Might do something different if we ever get around to going to the phone store!!
    Congratulations to your son!

  10. Congratulations about your son co-producing the movie and for it making it into the Toronto Film Fest.! Traverse City hosts a film fest each year for the past 10 years. I bet his movie will show up here next year! I'll check out the link. Looks like your up against some deep considerations for your She Shed idea. We have a small storage barn I keep wanting to adapt for my garden stuff. Maybe one of those free standing air conditioners would work for yours? Perhaps it would add a bit of noise but probably the least costly investment.

  11. I hope you get your "She Shed" - they an be made so cute. I have always wanted one, but it's not to be in this life time. Enjoy your dreams on how you would like it.

  12. Oh how wonderful for your son, I hope his film wins. My congratulations to him and his proud mom. Love the idea of a space to call my own but I have to use my little study off the LR. If I had one, it would be all white, lots of pretty linens and plates and of course my favorite books. And you are so right, AC is a must have here.
    Happy Saturday (it's storming here)...........


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