04 August 2015


Since we were talking hot sauce and hot peppers only yesterday, it seems fitting that I tell you about my lunch today.
Cool stools! 

Sweet Husband and I had a few errands to do today, and we decided that we could do them all over here in our neighborhood village without having to venture any farther afoot.  

Good thing, too -- it was about 100 degrees on our car thermometer the whole time we were out.  I pulled out another straw hat.  I have all these dumb hats, so I might as well protect the alabaster skin right?

We got up late-ish, and decided to only have coffee so that we could hit a place that recently opened at the far end of our village.  It is called Big Bad Breakfast.  Now I am not one who will normally go out for breakfast because I like to be (a) lazy and drink coffee and read on my computer for a couple of hours, and (b) I like to be able to get ready for my day in a leisurely fashion.  Who the heck likes to rush about getting presentable at 7:30 in the morning to run to eat breakfast and not have access to your toothbrush, etc.?  Not me!  That's why we call it "RETIRED".  

So we arrived at BBB about 11:30 and the joint was hoppin'.  Their hours are 7:30 till 2:30 according to Sweet Husband who read it on the menu.  They do offer various cocktails, etc., but we passed, opting for iced coffee which was fabulous!  It really hit the spot on this hot day.  I will probably be awake till in the morning, but it was probably worth it.

The "Elvis" with a side of grits

Sweet Husband ordered the "Elvis", a fried sandwich with peanut butter, mayo and banana piled high with bacon.  Yes ma'am, you read that right. Thank God he takes Lipitor.

I ordered the Big Bad BLT.  I took a bite, and yes, it was delicious, and yes, it was hot as fire, but I don't mean with fire.  Turns out the mayo and the bacon both are infused with Tabasco!!!

Good thing I like really hot stuff.  The potato salad was very unusual, but OK.  It had a flavored vinegar type of dressing.

Their menu is quite varied with everything you can imagine for breakfast and lunch.  People were lined up waiting by the time we left, so I would say that we arrived at a good time. 

This is the meat case full of bacon and sausage and various other goodies with the kitchen toward the back.  I think this is where you pick up To Go orders, too.   Sorry for the blurry iPhone photo.  This really is a cool little diner type of place, and there is a large patio with umbrella tables where you can sit when it is not so blooming hot.  We will definitely be going back.

Big Bad Breakfast!


  1. Oh, man, that place's food looks good and you, my dear, are absolutely beautiful. Yes, indeed, wear those hats and protect that porcelain skin. It's so pretty. Let us know how long the coffee kept you awake and how many books you finished. :)

  2. Heavens to Betsy, you wear make-up in that kind of heat??? I could not do it. But then I hate things on my face period. Can't put cream on my face or neck. Could never wear the earrings like you have on. The hat would drive me crazy too. I'm doomed to be out of fashion my whole life...

    1. I don't put my head out the door without makeup. I don't want to frighten little children and old people. I guess I was born prissy -- what can I say! ;>D

  3. Hey lovely lady, I rarely do breakfast either, I need my time to be presentable if you know what I mean, and I think you do. Although you look much more radiant than me. Love how gorgeous you look!!

    Jane x

  4. I haven't been but my SIL raves about it and gets the BLT~ he didn't say it was hot though, I'm glad you liked it! That iced coffee looks yummy, I am going to try that tomorrow, yum! Yes, let's turn down the heat in B'ham, it's so hot my grass is literally falling out of the ground :)

  5. Next time I'm in B'ham, I'm looking this place up!

  6. Your meals sound really good. For being such a hot day, you look stunning.

  7. We must have just missed you...we had breakfast there the other day! We love it.....
    You look adorable as usual!


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