05 August 2015


Have you ever noticed that some of the bloggers you like best don't post very often?  As in many months go by, sometimes, not just mere weeks?  It seems that some of those are the wittiest, cleverest and most savvy of all the bloggers.  They don't post a lot because they are busy with real life.  I really miss some of these.

Obviously they are not concerned with traffic or being popular or upping their stats or whatever it is that the "professional" bloggers do to ensure that they get lots of hits, lots of bucks and lots of free stuff.  

I like "fly by the seat of your pants" blogs like Pat's over at Back Porch Musings.  She says she is not thrilled with planning out posts way in advance.  Me, either.  (We all understand that there are some who have to make their living this way, and I am not talking about them.) I stopped trying to plan posts a long time ago. 

It has become increasingly annoying, these blogs where ads pop up in front of my face all the time when I am trying to read their latest nuggets about what color they painted some piece of junk they found in a local thrift shop, and Glory Be, it is for sale!  Kudos to them that they can (a) sell said piece of junk via their blogs, and (b) write a couple of inane lines to clutter up my email box and then get a few bucks out of the deal because I was dumb enough to click over to their post to read the rest. 

Blogs with this type of ads also deposit cookies and malware on your computer!  I found out hard way never to click on any of these ads no matter how intriguing they look.

I am also done with sites which exist solely to try to sell me something.  If I want to shop for something, I will just go out shopping or google it.

I am hereby serving notice that I am  (a) cleaning out my sidebar of such sites, and (b) I will also unsubscribe to these blogs.  These sites load up my email every morning, and, sad to say, I must have seen something on these blogs at one time or other that interested me or I would not have subscribed in the first place.  I have noticed that these bloggers do not read mine any more, anyway, so they will not even be aware of this post.

I have found such a nice little group of friends on the blogs that I don't really want to quit blogging altogether, although I have toyed with that idea for quite some time.  I really look forward to exchanging a few quips with you a lot of days.  It can be a real pick-me-up.  Some of you I have met in person, and I value those friendships, too.  I am talking here about the ones to whom I am just another "stat", or another couple bucks, not a person.

So look for a leaner meaner cleaner sidebar here on this blog in the very near future.  (That means when I get time to do it.)  

Fair is fair.


  1. Hi Ellen! I do understand this. I know things change in time, but blogland isn't not the same, is it? I stated blogging in 2008 and it was a great community and folks really visited each other. I even remember a pretend baby shower we all participated in for a blogger who was about to have a baby. So much fun. I know what you mean, some are on some kind of mission to be discovered or something and are 'too big' to ever reply back. I've unsubscribed to quite a few like that. I just blog whatever pops into my mind. The only thing I'm really doing right now is my Wednesday doll clothes. I'll do that until I'm tired of making doll dresses. I do hope you won't leave blogland. I've been blogging so long and sometimes I've thought about leaving but I do enjoy it and enjoy the friendships I've made and you're one!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


  2. Great post Ellen. You have said what a lot of us bloggers think. Thank you.
    Have a great rest of the week. It's to darn hot here in So CA so I am taking it easy and I partied to much on my Birthday. It's been going on for the last 2 weeks. I guess when you turn 80 it's time for a party. I read that you also had one. Belated Happy Birthday = mine is the 26th, what day is yours.

  3. yep, you nailed it. All the ones not trying to make money end up being more interesting most of the time. My poor blog is long in storage, won't restart it until I retire next May. Just too hard to work full time and blog.

  4. I met a group of bloggers and thought they were great, but when I started following and commenting on their blogs, they NEVER commented on mine! Even if they answered my comment, no word on anything I posted. It was definitely a one-way relationship. I dropped them, and miss them, but I was taught any kind of relationship is give and take. I know some of them are huge and can't always comment, but how about every once in a blue moon?

  5. I love the honesty of your blog. Please don't stop blogging, I enjoy your blog so much. It is so true about these blogs. I don't post often on mine because I am busy. My blog has very few followers and I have thought several times about giving up. This is my second attempt at blogging and so far it is going no better than the first. I like to do it, but I would love to have interaction with other bloggers, there seems to be none of that now. It is unfortunately a clique now.

    1. Honey, there have always been cliques in blogging. At least there have been since I started. There are so many blogs now it boggles the mind, but if you keep going, you will find a nice little circle of people you enjoy.

  6. You are spot on ! I dropped as many of these people as I can ! One in particular I really don't,t want to. But alas I fear I must ! She just published a book and is so worried about it,s success ? I told her she needs to be worried about how many people will be dropping her because of all her anoing popups and advertising !!!

  7. I think I'd still post even if nobody read my blog. I just enjoy it. I tried monetizing and the extra money was nice, but then they disabled my account for invalid activity. I don't really care. I just keep on blogging.

    1. That's great. I think I keep on because I like having a place to write on the off-chance that someone might read it. What the heck is "invalid activity?"

  8. Brava! That is exactly how I feel every single time I visit one of those blogs. I blog simply for the fun of it and it keeps my long distance family and friends updated on our every day lives! I don't have many readers and even less commenters but that's ok with me!

    Grace & Peace

  9. Hi Ellen, When I started blogging I posted a lot, but life has gotten so busy I can't do that anymore. I have thought about giving it up completely, but like you, I have met friends that I really enjoy and I would miss keeping in touch. Please don't stop posting b/c you are one of those friends. Dianne

  10. I so enjoy your view of day to day life. Not a blogger, but oh so tired of blogs with ads and rooms full of the same 'stuff' from Target, Lowes, etc.
    Hope you are enjoying Summer. Seattle is beautiful right now. Some of us are busy quilting Row by Row Experience that is going on in all fifty states. Happy Days!

  11. Thanks so much for the shout out. Last week I posted something five days in a row. I have returned to my senses this week.
    I understand the need for the ads, also.
    I have cleared my sidebar.

  12. I love your blog and I feel connected to you since my daughter lives in B'ham.....so... you must keep blogging so you can tell us about new restaurants and I can check them out when I visit my kiddo.....Besides, I think you're pretty funny and humor always works for me.....Just a little FYI

  13. Love it. I'm spending my evening with you, catching up on your posts while I was in Cincy last week ending, and finally now caught up on life through today. Truer words were never spoken! I have found my pack, and I love it. Thanks for keepin' it real. Always.I have one sister who keeps it real for me on FB, and I love her for it.


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