04 September 2015


Just another day in Paradise, folks!  

Lots of pretty in this magazine I picked up yesterday.
I remember a lot of these interiors from times gone by.

The husband last night invited me to go out for brunch today at Big Bad Breakfast, so how could I refuse?  He tried out the Big Bad BLT that I had last time, and I got the Big Bad Quesadilla with a crawfish filling with tomatoes and lime creme.  Quite delicious!  If I were trying to do it at home, I have one change I would make, and that is to use corn tortillas instead of the flour.  I had another one of their wonderful iced coffees which will probably keep me bouncing around half the night.  Sweet Husband ordered OJ -- and they actually SQUOZE it!  It was incredible.  

After that, we toured Wal-Mart (which is close by) for the first time in a few years.  (I would go there more often just for the entertainment value if they treated their employees better and bought more American goods.)  

He found a replacement alarm clock which looks very retro although it is battery operated.  The man has an obsession with clocks and watches, and he always must be able to look at a clock to see the time.  Otherwise, he becomes totally rattle-brained.  We both got a couple of workout items.  His fit -- haven't tried mine on yet.  

I got some of those sprayed on exercise pants with Day-Glo skulls on a black background.  Who says just because I am getting older I can't have fun?

I also got a ball like the one we use in our classes at the Y.  I am going to doll it up with some sharpies, of course, to make it more fun.  

I added some more padding to the seat today, too.

This afternoon I worked on that estate sale chair I got a while back.  It is so blooming hot in the garage!!!  Hot as the proverbial Five Hundred Hells outside...  It probably will be till the end of September.  I decided that I may bring in the chair and work in the kitchen tomorrow.  It is coming right along, and it is going to be a fun little addition to the LR.  Plus, it is comfy.

My good buddy Jenna made me this frame for my birthday --
very cool, isn't it?  I am trying to find a photo of us toasting each other
 to print out and put in it.

Labor Day always seems to be about ACTUALLY LABORING around here.  I got out my paint (again) to work on the bedroom armoire.  We will see if I actually get the can open this weekend.  I need to hit the farmer's market in the early morning to replenish tomatoes and okra, etc.  I got some swell little eggplants week before last which were very well-received around here.  Just peel, slice, salt, pat dry in a half hour, dip in egg, then Panko and fry them up in your big black skillet.  Slurp!

The husband helped out a neighbor this afternoon who was unloading a great big drafting table with a light on it that goes up and down.  He has an art-related staff position with the company that publishes some of your favorite Southern lifestyle magazines.  It seems that the buildings have been sold to the adjacent university, and things are getting smaller and smaller over there.  I asked if there were any more available, and he said only to employees.  Drat.  

I am reading a book that I am really enjoying called WE ARE WATER by Wally Lamb.  When I finish it, I will tell you if you might want to read it or not. I have a feeling that most of my serious reader friends will enjoy it, too.  You might remember Wally Lamb was "discovered" by Oprah years ago when her book club was a big thing.  I believe he taught writing, unless I am remembering wrong.  He also wrote THE HOUR I FIRST BELIEVED, SHE'S COME UNDONE, I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE and WISHIN' AND HOPIN'.  I have read all the others except the last one.

Got big plans for the weekend?  As usual, we are laying low.  Probably LABOR, as I said before, and grill out a couple more times.  Whatever you do, stay safe.  And anyway, it is not Fall yet in Alabama, not for a while.  There's still at least about six more weeks of Summer left if we run true to form.  That cool snap was a fluke.


  1. That breakfast place sounds incredible! I have read a few of Lamb's books and enjoyed them, so I will be interested in your review. We are smoking a pork shoulder and having some friends over. You are very motivated to get out an do any labor in this heat. It nearly did me in today. I have been infusing vodka with peaches we picked up in GA last weekend and whipped up a stellar peach martini tonight. it was just what I needed after a painful day running errands. Can't wait to see the fruit of your labor when it's finished. Dianne

  2. No big plans here! The magazine looks interesting, but it's new to me. I'm going to Barnes and Noble tomorrow, so will look for it. Love the chair, by the way. You find the coolest pieces! I know it will be amazing when you have worked your magic on this girl. Can't wait to see her all finished.
    Enjoy the weekend and stay cool!

  3. Whew...you are busy! Loving the chair--you have a talent I can't begin to pull off.

    Wally Lamb sounds familiar but the books you listed don't ring a bell. Let us know what you think.

    Jane x

  4. Sounds like you had a fun night out with hubby....

    I'll be watching to see what you do with that cute chair.

    I'm covering an ottoman and changing out my bedroom curtains.. woohoo, sounds exciting, doesn't it lol

  5. Your chair is looking awesome Ellen! I can't believe you are trying to work without AC, yikes, so hot! We are cooking at the beach too, but the breeze does come up in the afternoon to cool things off and we can sit on the porch. I've got to try Big Bad Breakfast, you keep tempting me with that~ Your new work out duds are very hip! I am so impressed with your dedication. I am laboring too, endless toy picking up, wet towels, dishes and laundry, but everyone is pitching in and we're looking forward to watching Bama football tonight. I hope you and Ray kick back and enjoy those vegetables and have a cocktail or two~ Happy Labor Day Ellen!

  6. Oh, thanks for the shout out!! I am really going to miss you Tues :(

  7. Breakfast sounds delicious. Those skull pants are wild...even for me, who isn't afraid of color!
    I am going to look for that magazine, I am not sure if I have ever seen that one.
    Have a great weekend...I plan to, Howard is coming home tonight!

  8. Day-glow skulls . . . mm,mm,mmmm. What will you surprise us with next?

    Familiar with the University moving the magazine out. From our point of course, we're happy about it. Tuition $$ at work!

    Hot here too, and on our way to a football viewing party. Looking forward to the food more than the sport.

  9. Well, I JUST bought that magazine at the grocery. I suspect I'll remember the interiors too, but I'm really enjoying Cottages & Bungalows publications of late, so it's all good. Went to the estate sale I mentioned - the road trip was fun, but the deals weren't so great. I'll be laboring on some dirty laundry (vintage linens) I scored.
    It's no fall here in WV yet either - too hot to be outside, so I'll be chillaxin' in the sunroom with the A/C, then watch some football later on. Have a good one. That chair's looking really good.


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