02 September 2015


This blog is approaching a milestone as blogs go.  I'll let you know when we are there.  It won't be long.  I probably won't be giving anything away, unless someone wants one of my goofy little paintings.  

This week has been fairly uneventful, and that is a good thing, I decided when looking at the national news today.  We have been going to the "Y" regularly, and some of the classes have been great, others just so-so.  A lot of the instructors look like toothpicks with big boobs and big muscles, but the best one is Wednesday.  She is the Zumba teacher, and she is -- ahem -- overweight.  I guess it really is true that fat people are light on their feet.  She is also the nicest and most pleasant person I have met there so far.  She told me that she used to weigh close to 300 pounds, but has been doing Paleo for a year and all this exercise because she has a metabolic disease.  Something to do with her adrenal glands.  Ever tried the Paleo diet?  It looks fairly restrictive, but I think I could follow it if I didn't have to feed the bottomless pit. 

When I was a child, I used to chastise my mother.  "Why are you so fat?  ____'s mother is not fat?"  And on and on it went.  One time with tears in her eyes, she said to me, "Fat folks have feelings, too, you know."  I remember looking at her incredulously, "They DO?"  What did little five year old bonehead Ellen think -- fat people were somehow subhuman?  Robots?  The prejudice against overweight people was alive and well even in my childhood, I guess, so it is not a new phenomenon.  Kids used to call me fat, too.  Then I got practically anorectic by high school.  I weighed about 90 pounds when I turned 21.  My red blood cell count was so low they were threatening me with transfusions.  As I have thought back on this, many of my little playmates' mothers would also "fat" by today's standards.   

I wonder if my little friends with thin mothers were any more loved than I was?  I doubt it.  My mother drove me insane as I grew older, but I always knew that she "had my back" as the kids say now.    She used to regularly announce, "I don't believe in getting into children's fights.  They need to learn to fend for themselves." One mother in particular vehemently disagreed with her.  "Well, I do!"  My mother told her, "They will never learn to take up for themselves if you don't give them a chance."  But I knew that if my life and general well-being were threatened, she would throw herself in front of a bus to save one of us.  

This first of September is making me wax so philosophical.  I will tell you why later.  It is getting hot again, and according to the weather prophets, we are going to have some more hot weather for a while before we see some Fall-like temps again.  We had a reprieve this past week, and the leaves have been dropping for a while.  The mornings on the back screened porch have been divine for reading and coffee-drinking.  

Trying to draw these antique kitchen scales is making me crazy!

I spend afternoons drawing again.  I keep challenging myself to draw difficult things, but of course, I didn't realize they were difficult till I started.  If I understood the mechanical aspects of how they work in the first place, it would simplify matters.  

Ah well.  I ordered some more of those water-soluble art crayons today.  It is good to keep the mind active, yes?


  1. Lots to think about! Fall does bring out pensivity, is that even a word? Weight a very weighty issue me thinks! Too much, wish it were not so!

    1. Thanks for visiting! You are a "no-reply" so I don't know if you have a blog?

  2. Fall is one of my favorite seasons...love all the rich colors, crisp air and best of all, very few mosquitoes!
    I wish I got the artistic gene, but sure didn't...my kids used to laugh at my stick figures...they inherited their father's artistic gifts.

  3. Yes. Definitely. I have less than no art talent but I keep trying to find new crafts and hobbies to keep the wheels turning. Drawing is a great way to do that. Keep it up.

  4. I admire anyone who can draw and people can recognize what it is! I don't have that ability.

  5. I remember a boy from elementary school everyone called, "fat." Never to his face that I know of, but we all knew he was the fat kid. Well, by today's standards with most kids, he'd be average. So sad and weird. None of them get out and play anymore.

    Keep drawing and hoping for that fall weather!

  6. I abhor the word 'fat'. Many have health problems that cause the extra weight. Many fail at crazy diets. Maybe your mom was one of those. Still, I think for health reasons and to live a long life. we need to work at getting our weight in line. This was an eye opener.

    Keep up the great artwork!

    Jane x

  7. I weighed under 100 lbs when I was in my late 30's. It was not the first time I weighed under 100 during my adult years. Turmoil and stress and trying to meet the standards. Now I am overweight. I do not eat a lot and most of what I eat is what I am supposed to eat. I do work in the exercise. My doctor does not like my weight but he marvels at my health and tells everyone how wonderful I am. Yo yo dieting is probably a good reason why I weigh what I do today. Yes, I was bullied about my wt in school and even as an adult, when I weighed somewhere between 110 and 115. I was called fat. Now I do the best I can. I am proudly 72 and in better health than my thin husband. I have most of my original body parts. And my teeth are even in pretty good shape. It still bothers me though. I guess it always will since it has bothered me since childhood. Even when I weighed under 100 lbs, I looked in the mirror and saw the chubby little girl. Even though it bothers me when people say rude things, I just go on about my business...because I am probably a lot healthier than they are, even though they are younger and skinnier. Genetics have a bit to do with it. No one has worked harder than I. It just doesn't show. So with the few years I have left here on earth, I would just like to enjoy without worrying about offending someone else's sensibilities when they look at me.:-)

  8. People are way too obsessed with their looks and way too quick to be judgmental! I'm glad you are enjoying sketching again [maybe not something so symmetrical as scales, that is rough!] I just bought a pretty little book with blank pages that I want to sketch in daily and put away my iPad for a while! It's hot as blazes on the coast too, I hope we get a nice sea breeze for Tues~

  9. Oh, great! So that means you like them (the crayons)…..so happy. One of my young art instructors swears by them and encouraged me to get them.

    I brought my Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils to the lake with me. We're doing some art journaling and nature journaling (aka Leonardo da Vinci notebook) for school today. :D

    I like the scales. Your drawing reminds me of some of the Rifle (brand) stationary that I *love*

    I think it's going to be too hot this weekend and beginning of next week. Boo!


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