13 September 2015


Yesterday we took off to Montgomery on a mission! 

The day before, Friday, we were out and about just because it was a pretty day, and we went out to lunch and hit a few shops at the Summit.  I mentioned that I wanted to look in Pier 1 to see if I could find a couple more of the Fallish napkins I had already bought.  Just as we were about to leave, Sweet Husband stopped in his tracks and said, "Isn't this one of those chairs you have been looking for?"  Sure enough, there sat a big beautiful white peacock chair in all it's glory.  I had not realized Pier 1 had put this back into their inventory.

I noticed the Clearance tag and leapt in for a closer look -- from $449 to $199!!!  I snatched the tag off so fast it would make your head spin and handed it over to the woman at the register.  "Do you have any more -- I need two!"

She said, "We don't, but I will see if someone else does."  Sure enough, the Montgomery store had one.  She called.  I instructed her to make sure it was in perfect condition.  They assured her it was.  I bought that one on the spot, too, and they put my name on it.  I said, "We'll come get it tomorrow."

So yesterday we navigated our way to Montgomery through heavy traffic while dodging big trucks, getting slowed once by a bad wreck along about the Shelby County/Chilton County line.  There must have been a dozen fire and rescue and police vehicles, red and blue lights flashing, on the shoulder of the road.  I said a prayer as we inched our way past, but I could see part of a car turned on it's side way over in the woods and several people sitting on the grass just off the road surrounded by medical personal.  

We reiterated that we would indeed take the back roads home and just enjoy the beautiful day.  Interstate highways make me a nervous wreck, especially I-65. Naturally, there was a big flat-bed eighteen wheeler involved in this disaster.

We easily found the Pier 1 store off I-85N, and collected the chair.  Sweet Husband's expression was priceless when the sweet lady (the store manager) asked, "Do you want to pull up around back or just tote it through the store?"  He stammered, "Uh, t..."  hesitating over an Alabama word we don't hear too much, at least in Birmingham, any more.  My mother used to say "tote" it when she meant "carry" it, but I guess the word is still alive and well in the vernacular.  So he toted it through the store to the Jeep while I looked around.  

Then I spied these pheasants, so they came home with us, too, along with another green cushion on clearance for 7.98.  I already had it's mate on the back porch from a couple of years ago.

We popped into The Texas Roadhouse for a bacon cheeseburger, which was really delicious, and then headed back.  We took the interstate back as far as  Clanton, and got off at the Durbin Farm Market, because I was still hoping to find a few peaches. No luck on the peaches, but I bought a large sack of rattlesnake pole beans.  I am going to snap, string and blanch them after a while, and then put most of them in the freezer.  Since we had passed many fields of cotton looking just about ready for picking, I was also hoping to find some cotton stalks to decorate with.  

I asked the really cute little girl who rang up my beans if they had any or if she knew where I could get some.  She said, "Well when my mom wants to decorate with some cotton, she just goes out in the field and cuts her some.  I don't know of anybody around here who sells it."  I bit my lip.  Since I am fresh out of a cotton field of my very own, I guess I'll have to keep looking.

the afore-mentioned napkins

From that point, we followed Highway 31 back to Birmingham, including a detour though Clanton itself.  The local color and scenery is always refreshing.  In one little settlement we drove through, there was a small cluster of houses and mobile homes.  One of the trailers had an extension built out on one end which looked to be constructed of unpainted plywood.  On the facing elevation was featured, I swear to heaven, the front portion of a very old red cab of a big rig truck!  The hood and fenders as well as the windshield (the picture window I presume) was inset right into the plywood!  It was original, I'll give them that.

I wanted these chairs for a Summer look for the living room, and had hoped to find a pair so that I could put them in when we got done with our redo a few weeks earlier.  


However, Anthropologie, Lili Pulitzer, even Urban Outfitters  -- they all wanted as much or more than a custom upholstered chair would cost!  The quality might be a little higher, I don't really know, but I did know I wasn't going to put out $1500 each for these things.  

Summer is almost gone (but certainly not entirely gone for us here in Alabama) so I put them in there anyway.  They may go away when the weather gets chilly, but that will be a while.  

I used to have a pair just like these --
been sorry ever since they are gone.
For several years I have been searching for another pair,
and finally I found them.

Today is a glorious day for the back porch, not HOT (but it will be hot again), the kind of day you think about when that line in the liturgy comes up in the Book of Common Prayer (1928 version):  "This is the day the Lord hath made!  Let us rejoice and be glad in it!"  

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  1. Great that you found the pair, and at such a great price. Your LR looks fab, totally fab!

  2. so glad you found just what you wanted ~!! that always makes for a great day.. you and mister scribbler enjoy every moment sittin in your fancy new chairs.

  3. Don't you just love it when everything comes together like that! Especially when it comes together on clearance! I love the pheasants too. Walmart, Whole Foods and Costco, continue to have delicious peaches. I am planning to start another batch of vodka next week. In the past, we have found cotton fields ready for picking, once off I65, on our drives to Destin this time of year. Good luck with you search. Be sure to take gloves and sharp scissors. Nearly mangled my hands the first time I tried to pick cotton. Dianne

    1. I am not picking any cotton! Except at a store where they sell it! I have heard that it is brutal on the hands.

  4. It was meant to be! They look terrific in your living room. The last time we drove home from Montgomery a blonde bear crossed the highway. Of course it was very late at night and we were the only witnesses to it. We had gotten close to the Mississippi/Alabama line. By the way, I hear tote a lot but I don't think I have ever uttered it!

  5. Happy Endings! So glad you found a pair, Ellen. They look terrific in your living room.

  6. My goodness, what an adventure! Congrats on finding the pair of chairs, and I was on pins and needles to learn whether you also found the napkins, so thanks for the confirmation pic! I love Pier 1 and the website is great, as I can reserve whatever I want and pick it up on my way home from work.

  7. Ellen, I think we shop a lot alike. I find deals and travel to other locations to pick them up. You found a great deal and I love those peacock chairs. They look so pretty in front of the fireplace. Sounds like a nice drive except for the accident. I love to stop at the market off the freeway, always find something good there. Yes, it is a wonderful day today...........

    1. Thanks! I really don't like that highway.

  8. There is nothing better than stumbling upon something on your wish list, on sale no less! Sweet Husband gets many points in my book for pointing the chair out to you, then driving to Montgomery and toting the other one through the store! They look fabulous in your new room! That's too funny about the cotton, I love driving by the cotton fields this time of year in all their white glory! sounds like you had a fun weekend, and I love the back roads for exploring~

    1. Backroads can be run. Once we took some really rural roads coming back from the beach. I was driving that time, and I almost ran over a farmer out in the middle of the road, sitting on his tractor, just surveying his acreage!

  9. I just left Michael's Craft Store and they have the cotton there and it's 50% off. Happy Fall!

    1. I couldn't find any in my local store.

  10. Oh I love those chairs. I used to have two also, but that was a long time ago. I was so sad when I had to throw them away - they were in bad shape/ I did get to enjoy for them for many years.
    Your living room looks great with them in there. Everything turned out very nicely.
    Glad you had a nice drive and good lunch.
    Have a terrific week.

  11. Just got back a few hours ago from driving my Mother all the way up to Florence and back. I65 sucks. The trucks are incredible. I also saw a few terrible wrecks. We stopped in B'ham to take my son to a quick lunch at Saw's BBQ. Very tasty and he was glad to take my leftovers back to his dorm!
    Your chairs are fab and perfect for your room!
    I'll be back up your way for whirlwind parent's weekend and a wedding next Friday. More I-65 drama ahead!

  12. I love your peacock chairs! What a great price. They remind me of the seventies. And Morticia Addams. LOVE them! I've seen cotton around....I bought some last year. Believe it or not I think the best price might be from Dorothy McDaniels but she's moved downtown. Also check Leaf n Petal. I think they have it, too.

  13. LOVE everything about this room!! The chairs look fabulous!

  14. Your new chairs are beautiful as is the stunning room they are sitting in....


  15. Good Afternoon Ellen, Oh dear me, I think I am going to show my age now..... I remember Peacock chairs first time around in the late '60's early '70's and I loved them. Isn't it thrilling, when you find exactly what you have been looking for..... that sense of excitement can be over whelming.
    I love your living room because it is full of interesting items and it is so eclectic. I see you love blue and white plates as I do. The first plate I ever bought, was in Germany and that introduced me to my love of blue and white.
    I remember about 7 years ago seeing cotton fields when I visited America.... I was fascinated because I had never seen cotton growing before, it really was a unique experience.
    Its been lovely catching up with you.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Best Wishes


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