31 January 2015


There is a new kid in town -- in the auction biz, that is.  Have you discovered Chairish yet?  They work sort of like eBay, in that there is a listed price shown, but many items say "Make an Offer."  Many also include free shipping.  They can be found here.  You can both buy and sell all kinds of good stuff!  There is lots of vintage, but some things are much older than others, even some antiques.
Vintage Gloria Vanderbilt painting.  Very large.

Holly at their site discovered my old blog -- the one nobody can see right now because I have so far been unmotivated to type in 100 email address -- and they asked me to design a room around one of their rugs.  I chose this one:

Turkish Anatolian Kilim from Chairish

You can't get more colorful than this rug, right?  I designed a living room in a city apartment for someone I am calling a Fearless Woman, one unafraid to express herself in Living Color. This was just like doing a design for a ShowHouse only without all the legwork.  If you can go to one website and plan the whole room from there -- what on earth could be easier?  If nothing else, you can live in your design imagination for a little while, just like armchair travel, yes?

Let's enter this apartment in the big city and take a look around,  shall we?

The entryway.
On the wall to the right of the entry door is a stunning, very large red lacquer console topped with a big black goopy mirror.  Resting on top is a vintage emerald lamp with black shade and a hand-carved Mexican tray.  Flanking the sides of the console are two chairs which can be easily pulled into the conversation group if needed.  They also provide a spot to drop your handbag or briefcase.

I did them one better:  All this stuff you are seeing in this room came from their site.  It was so fun to step outside my own French Boho style to mid-century modern, but still incorporate that Boho feeling.  All these items are vintage from the 60s, and right now all of them can be found on their site.

The Kilim rug anchors the seating area to the left of the entrance.  There is an electric blue two-cushion sofa with a pillow made of another Kilim.  Hanging on the wall over it is that gigantic painting by Gloria Vanderbilt.  In front of the sofa is a round lucite cocktail table.

The other side of the seating group is on the window wall facing the sofa.  We have two mid-century club chairs, a little slate topped table and a funky yellow floor lamp.  I chose two Scalamandre tiger-striped silk pillows for the chairs.  The site currently has three panels available in that 60's paisley print.  I seem them as stationary panels framing the large windows.

Isn't Your Imagination a wonderful playground?

Some extras:  imagine a chartreuse leather bench perpendicular to the sofa and the chairs on the left of the rug.  This gives another shot of color, and two extra seats near the cocktail table.  This great piece of pottery is the only adornment on the lucite cocktail table.  For good measure, here is another pillow to be tossed on the sofa or the bench.

In a corner to the left of the bank of windows near a door to the kitchen/dining area, we have a very snazzy pedestal holding a great sculpture.

Last but not least, on the wall to the left of the sofa wall, we have a drinks table set up. 
This vintage Italian poster hangs over the drinks table.

Two globe lamps by a famous designer sit on each end of the sleek console I chose for the drinks table.  I imagine it ready for champagne all the time with a vintage silver tea tray in the middle holding a silver champagne bucket and an array of vintage crystal coupes which have made a huge comeback in the last year.
So here we have it, an apartment in glorious Technicolor to launch this blog!  This was fun, and I was not compensated in any way.  I made these collages on collages.com.

Please let me know in your comments if you liked this post, because I plan to do more like this.  

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07 January 2015


Well, well.  Looks like I really stirred the pot when I announced my decision to go private with this blog very soon.  I didn't mean to offend anyone who is legitimate, but this kerfuffle demonstrates exactly why I am planning to do this.  I will reiterate:  if I have never interacted with you and don't have a clue who you are, or if you have no means of being contacted for me to verify that you are a real person with a real face, you will not be on the invitee list.  I am sorry, but that is just the way it is.

I will be getting some technical help shortly so that I can accomplish this transition as seamlessly as possible.  If you are one of my blog friends, thanks so much for your patience and camaraderie over the years.  You have gotten me through some trying times.  I will still read and comment on blogs I like to read, so that will not change.

What is going to happen (I think) is that no one but me will be able to see the blog while this is happening.  That might be a few days or a week.  Once the list is generated and the invitations are issued (by Google not me), you will have 30 days to respond, and if you don't, you simply "fall off" although you can send me an email request to add you back.  I understand that you have to have a gmail address, even if you don't use it as your primary, just as I do not.  You just need to have a Google account, which most people do.  The list has to be confined to 99 readers, which makes choices a little difficult.  However, since I am trying to make this a personal communication with blog friends I have made over my seven years of blogging rather than broadcasting my business to the entire world at large, this is probably enough.  

Just watch for the invitation, and thanks again for reading me over the years!


03 January 2015



When this issue of House Beautiful arrived, I fell in love all over again with color.  Of course, this is a regular occurrence with me.  Life is too short, I think, not to "have it my way."  Or "do it my way" as Sinatra sang it.  See page  68 specifically.

Hunt Slonem is known primarily as an artist.

I have just a few things to finish up in my Master bedroom which I started giving a bit of an overhaul last year.  There is now a lot of color in there, more than I have ever used in my Master before, although the walls are now stark white.  Using fabric and painted furniture and accessories is the easiest way to take the plunge into the world of color, by the way, if you are a newbie (or newly smitten).

He does, however, have several incredible houses.
Those bunny-wabbits on the walls are a signature.

This year's big project (still in the planning stage) is my living room.  It is the only room that we have never painted since we bought this house seven and a half years ago.  Well, that and the little hallway area adjacent to it.  It was left till last because the color worked all right with the mix of furniture I already had that needed to go in there when we moved in.  

some of my colorful chairs

In our time here, I have, of course, been estate sale-ing and have added pieces while removing others.  It looks cohesive now, but it has never really had that "Zing!" that I really want, aside from a mix of color in the chairs and pillows.  The room is inherently kind of dark with only two windows, and one is blocked by the screened porch.  I envision a lively room, one that can be stimulating for cocktails and interesting conversations, as well offer a solitary cocoon for reading by the fire when it is cold outside.  Aside from new paint, I desperately want that ghastly wall-to-wall carpet removed, but I am still fighting the good fight with Sweet Husband. 

Notice the "builder beige" carpet --
on second thought -- don't!
His family socialization is such that the good old "broadloom" represented success, that one had arrived -- and somewhere that is embedded deep in his DNA, I think. I battled him for ten years at our last house, and still didn't get hardwood.  Instead, I got new (white) carpet throughout the house, and while it was a drastic improvement, it still wasn't what I wanted.  

Sneak peak at Master Bedroom almost done
except for the ghastly carpet in here too.

I grew up with hardwood floors which my mother kept waxed to a blinding shine because our house was built in 1912, what we now call a Heritage House.  When my parents built another house in 1965, it had hardwood floors throughout, too.  I have lived in a number of old houses since then, all with beautiful old wood floors, and this totally is my preference. I suppose the hardwood is in my DNA, just as the broadloom is in Sweet Husband's.  So the battle continues, but I am not giving in this time. I am just NOT!   

You may wonder why you have been looking at some photos from the December/January issue of House Beautiful magazine. Well, here is why:  When I got to this page below, the angels sang!  I love this room!  Purple, fuchsia, such a mix of gorgeous interesting things!  I painted my Dining Room in my last house this color, and it was my most favorite thing I ever did there.  Of course, the buyers let me know how incredibly tacky they thought it was, and now the whole friggin' house is beige, I hear.

Now, you know I never copy anyone. I am only inspired by what I see. But I see so many elements in here that really ring my chimes, let me tell you.  So much so that I ordered this book as my Christmas present to myself:

I had to know more about the man who created those gorgeous rooms in the magazine!  You can  literally get lost in this book for hours.  Mr. Slonem is an interesting man, and I think what he does is incredible.

It remains to be seen if my Living Room walls get painted this Violet color, but you really shouldn't be surprised if it happens.  

P.S.  Shifting topics here, I am trying to decide if I will continue blogging.  If I do, I am seriously considering taking this blog private, which means that you will have an extra click or two if you want to read it. You will have to have a password, and I will have to trust you not share it with the hoipolloi.  Who reads this blog will be solely at my discretion.  Since I do not blog for money, but rather the creative connections with friendly readers, I think this might be a good way for me to go. We sometimes forget that anyone can read the things we write and share here, and let's just say that there are a lot unfriendly trolls out there that I would rather not know so many details about me and my home.

I want your feedback on this, so let me know your thoughts in a comment or email me if you like.


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