30 June 2015


I, for one, am feeling rather bummed at the moment.  That darling girl with the cute dimples from West Virginia and her handsome husband from Boston or somewhere up there (who might or might not have a bit of a gambling issue) are getting divorced.   You just can't trust Hollywood anymore.

On a lighter note, today Sweet Husband fixed a couple of squeakers in the newly installed wood floors which developed after it settled in a bit. I, of course, had to go back and doll it up a tad after he had finished.  

I have read two more books including one called THE PERFUME COLLECTOR with I highly recommend for a summer read; I have watched a couple more BBC series including one I loved called GETTING ON which was a little depressing yet up lifting; and then I decided that I have lollygagged about long enough.  Today, I started gold-leafing an estate sale find which I will share very soon.  

Some weird dreams after visiting my 96-year-old cousin on Sunday;  an imaginary reno of her house in those dreams which included bumping up the 8 foot ceilings to the rafters.  Then we had a violent thunderstorm this morning which abruptly ended our porch/coffee time.  Supposedly, there is more nastiness on the weather front in the next couple of days.

Anyone watch the Glen Campbell special on CNN the other night?  Anyone besides me find it incredibly disturbing?  Maybe it was too personal, what with aunts and uncles who experienced being sucked into the Alzheimer's hell. 

A nightmare about a dinner party gone wrong...  every time I would close my eyes again, the damn dream would pick up where it left off.  My food was not cooked because the oven wasn't working, and all these people were waiting and getting angry.  Then I discovered it was all gone, and the ovens were stuffed with bubble wrap.  A stranger who suddenly appeared in my dining room told me he fed it to the homeless people at the bus station.  I exclaimed, "You fed them raw food!!"  My uplifting next thought was, "I will never be able to show my face in this town again!"  

Dreams never make sense, do they?

Are the stars out of alignment or something?  I am definitely feeling a bit whacked.

26 June 2015


Another project can be crossed off the list -- Yay!  The little pass-thru hall is now finished.  

1 sheet 3/4" birch plywood patchworked in covered the whole area

Here Sweet Husband was painting the baseboard.  The floor had already been caulked around the edges and base-coated with homemade chalk paint, heavy on the plaster of paris to help smooth and fill lines.

A nice clean blank slate for the "artistry" to come.
I did this with 5 or 6 stencils from my stash in the attic.
I used to do a lot of stenciling.  I used Americana Decor's Chalky paint in black.

I first thought I would tape off a straight border to make it look more like a rug, but the insets of the doorways and woodwork threw a monkey wrench into the game plan.

Instead, I created an undulating border with an old rose swag stencil.

I did two repeats of the center motif of a damask stencil for the larger sections,
  and then some embellishments from some other small ones I had in my stash.  I couldn't get the whole thing in there on the right because of the woodwork.

...although you can't tell it in the photo, the satin sealer has been applied -- two coats.
I am leaving the fan on overnight because it is very humid today.  I think at some point, I am going to continue the black and white in some other guise onto the little powder room floor.

I keep some pictures propped on the floor here to hide the plugs.  That's why that little blooper with the irregularity in the design doesn't really matter.
I don't know why builders cannot be bothered to find aesthetically pleasing (is there such a thing?) places to hide the necessaries.

The view from the the coat closet.  The design looks upside down, but most people don't see it from this direction.  You can see a few places where I tried to get creative and add shadows -- not altogether successfully.

Got any interesting plans for the weekend?
We plan to chillax.

It is supposed to be nice and rainy most of the weekend.

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24 June 2015


At the risk of stirring up a hornet's nest, I want to say something about the Confederate flag brouhaha today.  You all know I am not at all shy about speaking my mind.  

This is the way you do it: 

Just go take the damn thing down.  Don't wait weeks and months to schedule a vote on it, South Carolina, (and everybody else who is still flying it) -- just go take it down.  The Civil War is over.  I am proud of our Governor.

23 June 2015


No, not that back forty.  I haven't bought the farm.  This is the view to the back portion of the living room that I didn't show you in the last post.

You don't see this view of my room much because it is so hard to photo.

The back section of the LR is now done, except for doing up the little accent chair patiently waiting in the garage.  That one is sort of making me have to think on it some more because I am not the one who deconstructed it.  Sweet Husband did.  I don't think it will be terribly difficult, but -- famous last words, right?

Weird how the afternoon sun makes the colors look so neon.
They are strong, but they don't blind you.

The alarm keypad adds such charm, doesn't it?  I don't know why these guys always put something like this front and center.  They should hide them somewhere.  

Notice in this shot taken before I hung the plates that I wiped  it.
You have to admit it looks at least a million times better.  I also zapped out the thermostat over there to the right of the big cross.

Here is the swell new floor plug.  That spot is the hole which had to be fixed.  It is now painted, and you would never know it was there.

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21 June 2015


It's time to throw the Holy Water on it and declare it done.   Both blinds are now up, and the plug is installed in the floor behind the sofa under the bar.  

This LR is officially decorated for Summer with the addition of shells all around which Sweet Husband unearthed in attic, and that's it!  

I will show you the view of the other end later.  The only thing left to do is fill in one hole in the floor that they drilled by mistake while installing the plug yesterday, and I am redoing a little estate sale accent chair to sit at the outer end of the white table.

Nobody wants to read an exact breakdown of costs on a project(I myself aways skip them and cut to the bottom line), but I will tell you that the mantel project was about $400, and the LR floor, all the paint for the room, plus the wood for the adjacent little pass-thru hall was $1500 -- to $1600.  That makes a total of right about $2000 for a total makeover of this LR, and includes the odd drill bit, nails, glue, sandpaper and discs, that brass plug in the floor, and various other odds and ends.

This was not a project for the faint of heart as I have said before.  However, we are very happy with the results, but we might have to seek marriage counseling.  ;>D

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19 June 2015


*Rosanne Rosanna Danna

Just when I think life couldn't get me any more frazzled, the other morning I blithely sashayed into the kitchen from the back porch to rinse my coffee cup and find us some breakfast.  I turned on the sink faucet, and the goosenecked spout came off in my hand, spraying a geyser several feet into the air.  I shut off the water, and I might have screeched a little because Sweet Husband came running in from the porch.

He obsessed for three days on how to fix it himself, driving both of us insane.  (He knows nothing about plumbing.)  First, he had to round up the paperwork on the other one which I was sure I had seen when we bought the house eight years ago.  The Delta faucet turned out to be ten years old, he discovered, when he did find the papers, right where I told him they were the day before.  The old faucet was pretty decent, but it would not have been my first choice.  

Then he asked the neighbor Dan if he knew how to fix it, then he went to the plumbing departments at Lowe's and HD carrying the broken parts (turned out their associates didn't know any more about such things than he did when he worked there), and then went off on a trek to a contractor supplier about 20 miles away trying to figure out how to salvage the Delta.  Meantime, I just got my dishpan out, and I kept it filled with soapy water over in the sink so I could keep my hands and the surfaces washed off, refilling it from the laundry sink as necessary.  There is a laundry sink just around the corner, right behind where the ovens are, so it is not like I was hauling water from a river in a humongous jar on my head to cook and wash dishes.

Not that I have done any real cooking in three days.  I wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea here.  I might have milked it a little, but probably not too much.  We did order Mellow Mushroom for lunch today.

Yesterday, we bought this Moen faucet that we both liked at HD, and this afternoon a young hottie wearing a green bandana sweat band came out and installed it.  He saw the butter and other ingredients I had sitting over to one side, asked what I was going to make, and I told him cookies.  He asked me if I needed a taster. I answered that there would be no cookie-making till I had a functional sink faucet.

It took him all of twenty minutes to install this, and then he was on his way after accepting a little tip from Sweet Husband.  (He tips everybody.)  

Tomorrow, Neighbor Dan is coming over to put that long awaited block of plugs in my LR floor under the bar so that I have a proper place to plug in my lamps behind the sofa.  

I need a vacation.  

P.S.  Have a great weekend!

16 June 2015


I recently mentioned that I had ordered an Indian Sari.  I found this site that I have adored looking at, and I would totally wear many of those beautiful clothes even though I am not Indian.  I have always been very curious how in the world the ladies preserve their modesty, wrapped up in all that lovely fabric.  Now I wonder even more, because I am here to tell you, this one is slippery as an eel!  I am guessing that safety pins are involved.  

A yard of metallic gold fabric came with it, and I think it is meant for a blouse of some kind to be worn under the sari.  However, I am thinking it might become two pillows!

I bought mine not to wear but to decorate with.  You probably already knew that, although I do like to make a theatrical presentation with my clothes sometimes.   However, if any you ladies of Indian origin would care to share how you DO wear these, I would love to know!

When I found the color I was looking for, I knew it would give me a lot of fabric for the money.  The beaded design and the metallic gold trim add to the look I was going for.  This one is made of georgette, which is a type of floaty chiffon for those who don't know fabrics.  I draped it through the corona over our bed. 

Don't mind the crooked lampshade and the bed turned down for the night.

Now, I am thinking maybe I need another one to hang on the backside, against the wall to fill in that white space, and I definitely need to move the plates.  What do you think? Do I need another?  I think I have figured out how to secure this unobtrusively to the bedpost, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Sweet Husband laid the wood floor today in that little pass-thru hall.  I hope to have that finished up by the end of the week.  We keep trying to get out of town, but there is no room at the inn!  Literally, everywhere I have looked is booked solid, it matters not whether it was North, South, East or West.   

I have had the paint and stencils necessary to finish the armoire and the nightstands for quite a while.  Where oh where is my motivation to do it?

OK, this has nothing to do with this post, except when I got these pretty flowers home from Home Depot yesterday, I realized that these are the colors in my LR and MBR!  Of course, Mountain Bells need a lot of sun, so they are now hanging out on the pergola.

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