30 May 2016


I love me some fuchsia, but it was time to cool off the bedroom.
You can look at the header of the blog and see how it has looked for the last year or so.

Some years ago when I had another blog (either the old Typepad or the iWeb site)
I shared a blow by blow of how I did these lamps inspired by some very expensive ones I had seen on a vacation to Hilton Head.
The post is now in the ether-nether of cyberspace somewhere,
so we won't get into the details at the moment.
If anyone wants to know,
let me know in the comments, and I will give you the short version.

I decided they needed a companion when I brought them out of the attic this year for the first time in a couple of years.
I really did look for the post about when I acquired the raw material for this one above (i.e. the base), but I couldn't find it.
I will, however, see if I still have the photos of it in its original state.

Little story synopsis:  we went to Atlanta to go thrifting with Cousin Tunie and her hubby Pat a few years ago.
At the Goodwill store, I found a hideous little round lamp with a very crappy shade which I told the clerk to put in the trash because I only wanted the base.  It was a nauseating shade of blue.  Pat said it looked like a bowling ball.  This is what I planned to do with it all along.
It only took me four or five years!

I used the hot glue gun with this one, after actually coating it not long after I bought it with gesso.
Moral of story -- don't throw out that junk -- save it for a rainy day and get out your glue gun!

When we went to Lowe's the other day, I found this shade which I think is fairly perfect, and exactly what I had in mind.

Presto:  new lamp for summer!
Cost:  Lamp base $7
Shells in my stash
Shade $14.95
Not bad, right?

For the Summer I removed the other two French chairs which usually sit here.
They are safely tucked away covered in old sheets in the attic.
Two white frame Frenchy chairs make things look lighter and more Summer-y don't you think?

Here's a close of one of the big ones on my side --
as you can see, I still haven't painted the nightstands.
I'll get there!

This is another little project I have had in mind for a while --
using some of my grandma's doilies to adorn pillows.
I got two Euro forms at Tuesday Morning for $9.99 each.
I already had the white Belgian linen, bedskirt of same having been made a few years ago.
It's now back on the bed.

Cost:  $20 for the two pillow forms

Here they are in place.  Notice that they are not exactly alike.
I had several from which to choose, but none were what you would call twins.
I guess they are kissing cousins.

I also changed out the drapery on the corona.
You can't see much of it, but the pair of big fuchsia Euros on the bench at the end of the bed got stuffed into some quilted shams I have had for a while and never used.

A  close-up.
I tacked the crochet on with a needle and thread on the scalloped parts so when I don't want them on here anymore, I can easily snip the stitches.

And here we have a "mood shot" taken at night.
Pretty cool, huh?
Have you made some Summertime changes, too?  Soon I will have a couple more projects to show you if you are nice and sweet!

P.S.  I looked up the pix of that time we went junking in Atlanta -- it was FIVE years ago!  However, I guess I never snapped the lamp in it's ugly state.  You will just have to take my word for it.

29 May 2016


These gardenias were heavenly while they lasted.  I put them into a flower frog in one of my Mama's bowls. 

We bought an asparagus fern at Lowe's for the old ice cream maker bucket my cousin Tunie gave me last year.

The big picture. These shelves change frequently.
The bottom one always holds some necessaries for taking care of the plants.

Speaking of Cousin Tunie, she brought me this orchid last year for my birthday.
I have managed not to kill it!
Yesterday we bought some orchid soil, and transferred it to a bigger pot.

The bigger picture.
The orchid should be pretty happy out here on the porch, I hope.

We are still colorful after three years!
Still loving this porch.

I think this is my calla lily -- it is not blooming right now.
(She said in her best Katherine Hepburn voice.)

We can't escape He of the Hair, it seems.
The spatter plant is going gangbusters in it's estate sale pot.

I found a cake stand in the garage that I never liked much (I think it is the color),
and it works perfectly as a stand for the drink dispenser I got at Pier 1 last year.  

It is getting way too hot after mid-morning to spend a ton of time on the back porch unless you have a fan pointed directly at you!  This holiday weekend, I hope you have a place to kick back and enjoy life in whatever way you see fit.  Life is too short not to enjoy it, doing whatever makes you happy, don't you think?

I'll be back soon with some projects I have managed to finish.  One only took me four or five years!  You might notice that I have removed Google Friend Connect from the sidebar.  Please follow by subscribing and on Google+ and on Pinterest.  I appreciate every reader, and I am so glad you came to visit!

21 May 2016


Leaving LA


I haven’t had much to say lately. Things on my mind, you know.  I am an introvert, an introspective person by nature, and there are times I just don’t want to talk.  Not to anybody.  Some people call me moody -- maybe I am.  

At any rate, I have just been processing some unexpected curve-balls and going on with my life, though being grateful for said life all the while.  

My son has now moved to Beijing, China, but for how long -- who knows?  He left Hollywood, CA on Thursday morning, the day after an Egyptian Air plane was (probably) blown out of the sky by terrorists with innocent souls on board.    Naturally I didn’t sleep a wink all that night, and then the next morning when I was sitting in Costco watching people chow down on pizza while waiting on Sweet Husband to check out, I got a call from Vancouver after the first leg of his trip.  However, the connection was so bad we couldn’t talk.  I got an email at 3:43 a.m. Friday morning that he had uneventfully arrived in Beijing, and the weather was nice.  His driver had picked him up and helped him navigate the ropes before delivering him to his hosts for this first week, a pair of doctors, parents to one of his former students.  So gracious and kind of them!  He has sent photos of Peking Duck and some kind of noodles.

This move has nothing to do with the ex-fiancee, but rather to do with some great career opportunities that he did not want to pass up.  I am thrilled for him on the one hand, but of course on the other, I am a selfish mother.  He is having a new adventure, and if I had been born thirty years sooner, who knows where I myself would have landed?  Always interesting to conjecture the possibilities, isn’t it?  I am so happy for him, and if I am being totally honest, a little bit jealous, too, of the ability and freedom to follow his passion to see where it leads.  He was planning to come and visit on Mother’s Day before he left, but he had some dental problems which had to be taken care of before heading to the other side of the world.  Naturally, I told him to do what he needed to do, as I didn’t want him landing in a strange country with a toothache!  

Speaking of toothaches, we had to cancel a long-anticipated, by me anyway, trip to New Orleans because my Sweet Husband is having some dental issues of his own which are requiring some extended treatments.  The plan had been to go to NOLA to see the Traditional Home Showhouse which I was so looking forward to, as well as visiting some old favorites and finding some hot new ones.  I also wanted to get him a seersucker suit, one of my favorite things to see a man wearing for Summer.  (My Daddy always wore them.  I think he had all colours.)  However, when your sweetie’s mouth is painful, and he would definitely not be having a good time while you gawk at all the Big Designers’ works and expensive furnishings, you just have to put first things first.  He only yesterday told me that he was already suffering the whole time we were in Texas, and especially after he visited our endodontist when we returned, who offered him painkillers after a root canal -- which he refused to take, of course.  Finally, he is taking some Advil on a regular schedule, so I guess even Mr. Tough Guy has his limits unmanly though he thinks it is.  He would probably clobber me if he knew I told you that.  (Not really)    

I suppose that Victorian house up on St. Charles will be photographed every which way from Sunday, and I do hope so, because I want to see the photos in my favorite magazines and on the design blogs.  It really makes me want to cry, but I have to be a big girl here and do the right thing because he would do it for me.  He HAS done it for me -- what am I saying?  He treated me like Solid Gold when I had my knee replacement a couple of years ago.

He felt so bad about canceling this trip that he bought me a great jewelry chest as a consolation prize, something I have wanted for quite a while.  I just hadn’t seen IT, and when we went out to lunch on Thursday at one of my favorite spots (Primeaux), he was trying to distract me from the fact that my son was on his long flight to China, a many-hours journey after having first flown to Vancouver from LAX.  We popped into Pottery Barn which is next door, and we ran across this one which happened to be on sale.  So it came home with us, and he helped me arrange things in the space where I wanted it.  I spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon getting all the trinkets sorted.  It was kind of fun to look at items which had belonged to my mother and aunts and various unknown people from estate sales.  Just so you know, nearly all my stuff is vintage costume jewelry or outright “ghetto glass” -- so anyone with any nefarious ideas of planning a robbery who might be reading this post can forget about it -- no crown jewels here!!!  Just sparkly junk!

Tonight’s dinner was so good and so easy.  I have been trying to make sure the food was soft enough that it would not take the top of his head off-- so... we started with Sushi from Sprouts.  Then...

A Costo rotisserie chicken that he slow-smoked yesterday which tonight I slowly reheated with Big Bob Gibson’s White BBQ sauce (an éAlabama thing), sautéed spinach and tomatoes, and potato salad I made last night.  Quite tasty!  Nothing to hurt his delicate little choppers.

I have many, many projects lined up if only I can just get motivated and pull my head out of my ass and get on with it.  

Come back soon and see what I have wrought.  I went out for a little retail therapy today, and got some great ideas for coagulating all those disconnected tiny sparks which have been dancing in my little head for a while.  They involve pillows, a lamp and much sewing.  And of course the hot glue gun...

Wish I was here
somewhere in the south of France


Here is a link to one of the designers who has done a beautiful room in that NOLA show house.


14 May 2016


The week in review --

I used Restore a Finish on the table Sweet Husband stripped.
It looks better, and it took all the white spots off the top.
(It actually does not look orange...)
Still need to do the tung oil.

I concocted a frozen dessert with leftover cookies, lemon pudding and raspberries.
It tastes great, very refreshing, but I am not in love with the color!
This is before freezing.

One day I walked through HG--
saw these chairs --
thought,  "how cute for a dorm room!"

I saw these tables that day, too, and
thought they would add some pizazz to a dorm room or porch.

Speaking of the porch...

I served breakfast on the back porch this morning.

Not much to say today because I am too tired to say it!  This week has been jam-packed with all kinds of appointments and service calls and just stuff that had to be done.  Probably the least favorite was a root canal on Tuesday for Sweet Husband.  Poor guy -- on Monday he will have his five-year colonoscopy.  Nothing like getting reamed from both ends...

As I make this post, he is hard at it again putting water seal on the folding screen we keep on the back porch which blocks the view of the garden shed.  He has done the outside of the porch and several other areas already.  He never lets anything slow him down!  If I see him sitting for very long, I know something is wrong.   The porch has also been washed again (will the pollen ever take a breather?), and the pergola is washed and weeded and spruced up.
Have a good weekend, everybody, before the rat race begins again!

P.S.  The first time I hit the publish button, half the post disappeared.  I put back a couple of photos, so I hope you can see it!  

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